Cannabis Fact Or Fiction

Cannabis Fact Or Fiction

Have you ever wondered if what you knew about marijuana online canada was true?  What about myths and stories about smoking pot or eating it in a cookie?  Well, we searched the Internet, journals and many scientific papers to pull out some tidbits of information that will educate you in regards to cannabis as well as make you laugh at some of the ideas that are out there.  When you read these, keep an open mind and make your own decisions.

People can be allergic to marijuana

There is nothing worse than sitting at a party with a few weed buds on the table and have someone come by and sneeze, sending your stash all over the living room floor.  Now, I am not sure if this had happened to you but scientists are theorizing that people could be allergic to the pollen generated by the cannabis plant as well as the smoke crated when it is smoked or otherwise set on fire.  Is this a myth?  Try it and see for yourself.

Cannabis addiction is found at the genetic level

When it comes to consumption of cannabis different people react to it in a variety of different ways.  Some people will have no effect where others will become totally addicted to its effects.  How cannabis works is that it sends a chemical into the body that eventually enters the brain.  When it does this is turns off certain receptors and alters the chemical reactions in the body.  After the chemicals are allowed to stabilize again, people return to normal.

When this happens in some people the trigger is switched on for the need to continue the use of the product.  Depending on how strong this reaction is will determine the addictive nature of cannabis.  So, does this collate to a genetic disposition?  Some people say yes where others say no.  What do you believe?

Drug busts

When we look at society today many people are being arrested for the possession of cannabis in its many forms.  As a result more and more money is being created on the underground market.  As a way to protect people from the sale and distribution of cannabis and the loss of life, senseless jail time and other issues in society many states are now starting to legalize the use of marijuana and cannabis.  They are beginning to see that people are going to use it and get it in whatever means they can.  So, just like a capitalist country would, they are working out ways to tax and monetize the sale of this product.

Money soon to be printed on hemp

The US government has been printing money on plant-based paper since the conception of currency.  The paper used is starting to become more expensive and as such the government is considering to either turn to a totally digital currency system or to start printing money on a less expensive product.  Ideas being passed around are to use hemp as the base for all future currency production.  I guess this gives the term having your money go up in smoke a whole new meaning.